Starting a new business? Here’s how to get the Mayor’s permit.

You may be an aspiring business magnate or an owner of an already established business wanting to expand your horizons. Well, before getting all excited and planning all the profits, let’s talk about requirements first. I mean, you can’t just put a business just like that. It’s not that easy. You will need many important documents and permits first that are essential to run a business whether you are a single proprietorship, partnership or a corporation and among those permit  is the Mayor’s Business permit. Now, how do you apply for a Mayor’s Business permit here in the Philippines? In this post, I am going to help you with the latest requirements and procedures as of 2018.

Applying for a Mayor’s Business Permit proved easy and fast nowadays. First, make sure that you have prepared all the necessary documents before going to the Municipal’s Office where you’ll be starting your business. How much is the price of a Mayor’s business permit or license in Makati, Taguig, BGC, Quezon City, Caloocan and the likes?  Well, it depends which type of business you will establish and register at the Municipal’s Office. Here’s what you should prepare before going to your city’s Municipal:

Requirements for a Mayor’s Business Permit

For first timers, you should prepare the following:

  • Correctly filled out Application Form
  • Proof of Business Registration (DTI / SEC/ Cooperative Development Authority CDA)
  • Community Tax Certificate or Cédula (You can get this at your Baranggay hall for 20 pesos)
  • Baranggay Business Clearance
  • Contract of Lease (if Lessee)
  • Basis for Computing taxes, fees, and charges (i.e Business Capitalization)
  • Location Sketch of the Business

Already have your own business? Here’s how you apply for a Renewal of Mayor’s Business Permit:

  • Community Tax Certificate or Cédula (You can get this at your Baranggay hall for 20 pesos)
  • Baranggay Business Clearance
  • Prior Year’s Print out of Mayor’s Permit/ T.O.P
  • Basis for computing taxes, fees and charges (i.e Income Tax Returns/ Sworn Statement of Gross Sales)

Step by step procedures in getting a Mayor’s Business Permit

  1. Secure your clearances
  2. Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Certificate of Payment – You can get this at the BIR office near you and request for it through the BIR Agent
  3. Sanitary Permit – You can get this at the Health Sanitary Inspection located at your City’s Health Department.
  4. Building Permit – You have to go to the Office of Building Official to get this permit.
  5. Fire Clearance – Go to the nearest Bureau of Fire Department
  6. Zoning Clearance – Ask for this in the Zoning Administration
  7. After securing all necessary clearances, go to the Filing and Assessment Section at the Municipal’s Office and have your files checked and verified by the business permit licensing staff and have your files assessed by the Municipal’s Treasurer.
  8. After all your documents are verified, they will issue a Tax Order Payment (T.O.P) which will be approved by the Mayor then proceed to the cashier to pay for it.
  9. After paying, secure the Certificate of Registration and have your Mayor’s Business Permit released.

That’s basically it. You can definitely get that permit in a day especially if the Municipal’s office has a one-stop registration.

Keep in mind that every Municipal’s Office might add some other requirements, but these are the usual requirements for many cities.