Provisionary Tax Clearance, Cleared!

Tax Clearance Certificate affirms that an individual or business is in consistence with government charge prerequisites. The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) cleared up the issue regarding the issuance of Provisionary Tax Clearance (PTC). They said that they will issue PTC if the tax liabilities of a taxpayer has not been finalized.

A tax clearance certificate is obliged when proposing for government business contracts, and when looking for citizenship, residency, and the expansion of work licenses.

The clarification of the said issue was made after reports that a few citizens that has tax liabilities with the BIR unpredictably bid their cases to the courts even after the receipt of official conclusion denying their complaint.

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares likewise said that the issuance of a PTC should not be done consequently as the handling office is obliged to assess every application. Henares said that the records checking division might ask for the concerned office that issued the evaluation against the citizen for a notice on the status of the case.

In occurrences when the case has as of now been sent to the prosecution division at the National Office of Legal Divisions at the local workplaces, the update should be issued by said workplaces.

So as to counteract undue interruptions in the business operations of responsible citizens, PTCs for offering purposes may be issued by the BIR just if the citizen benefited from any tax amnesty program and was issued an authentication of availment by the task force for tax amnesty.

Henares said that a taxpayer who desires to secure provisionary tax clearance can have it as long as their tax liabilities is not yet finalized. This is a good news to taxpayers who are facing tax liabilities but are not yet proven guilty. Furthermore, taxpayers should pay their taxes accordingly so they won’t suffer these kind of circumstances.