How To Get A Business Clearance/ Permit

Obtaining a business permit is necessary not just in Philippines but to any other countries across the globe. If you have this permit, you can legally run your desired business without paying fines in the future.

Here are the common procedures you’ll need to undergo so you can get a business permit.

  1. Get a barangay clearance.


  • DTI Registration
  • Duly form

After getting the said requirements, secure a barangay clearance then proceed to the city hall.

  1. Pay the building fee at the engineering department. The Electrical Department is your next stop. This department will issue your electrical permit.
  2. Go the Business Permit and Licensing Office or BPLO to assess the requirements and check for further or ongoing violations. An order of payment will be issued by EDP.
  3. Get your cedula and proceed to the treasury department for the payment.
  4. Our next stop after paying the fees will be the Health and Sanitary Office. You can get the sanitary permit in their office. You will need to attend a seminar before acquiring the sanitary permit.
  5. Next is the environment permit which will be issued by City Environment and Natural Resources Office.
  6. After CENRO, go to the Bureau of Fire Protection for the fire permit. They will require you to have an extinguisher in your establishment so you should get one. They will issue a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate after acquiring their requirements such as the required number of fire extinguisher in your establishment.
  7. You will then need to submit pictures of your establishment to the LGU.
  8. If you’re done with all the permits, then you’re ready to go. Though some cities vary with their processing time, you can still be sure that they will issue the required permits as soon as possible.

You can now legally run your business and enjoy its benefits later on.